I have been a Carbonite customer for many years, and they have consistently manged to screw things up. No photos of family members who have passed away. I don’t know if I should also turn off the wireless, but I did change the network order what is accessed first by the computer so it is the ethernet as first. To date — more than 2 months later, I am receiving daily pop-ups on my screen saying “there’s a problem with your Carbonite.” So, I called and cancelled again — five days ago. Each tier offers 500 gigabytes (GB) of cloud storage space except the Core tier, which offers only 250 GB. Harrison tried to convince me to leave my over payment as is and turned off my auto debit so won’t get charged again. Measures are taken to prevent data loss in the event of a disaster, such as on-site generators for backup power and climate control. I’m now working with my bank to see if criminal charges should be pursued against them. First, it’s not an archiving service. Although there’s no official user forum, there is an extensive and searchable knowledgebase that should be sufficient to help you with most basic problems that you may encounter. Although there’s no free version of Carbonite available, the company does offer a 15-day trial of the Basic tier so that you can try it out before committing to spending any of your money on the service. It f***ing takes forever. That was nice, but I’m not sure it’s worth all the disruption (plus the annual cost). Would I like the “complete restore” to take an hour or two? Details below. I don’t understand why Apple chooses to display it this way because I consider that confusing. – Restoring my 300GB to 60-100KB / s, more than a month to restore => convoluted response from customer service but it’s like that for everyone, Now that it finally completed, I find that about half of the selected folders didn’t back up, though the local program indicates that they were. I am very unhappy with Carbonite, and even moreso with the local yokel computer repairman, Husky Logic, here on Grand Island, NY, who got me into this. I was happy to find that the files that I needed to recover were there and appeared to be in good order but recovering those files has been the most awkward and frustrating computer experience ever. After a quick search on the net, I noticed that I’m not alone when it comes to this type of “restore” problem, which further erodes my confidence in this product. Carbonite is a great service, certainly one of the best online backup options. It interupts my productivity, sucks up bandwidth, and frankly, I’ve only used it once or twice to find a previous version of a file. I have heard backblaze is even more easy but I ended up with Carbonite because it appealed to me more and my situation: I have 50GB of files so actually I don’t need an unlimited online backup but I took your advice and planned for a bit more to come in future. By the way, I talked to two techs and both connections were just as bad. This is the first time we needed to get our files, as our computer broke. Your email address will not be published. When you create a mirror, your system disk that is bootable is now copied exactly on to the USB external drive. I thought that I was in the clear because I had Carbonite. It was determined I needed a technician…I waited 20 mins. In addition to the client, Carbonite creates a virtual drive on your computer called “Carbonite Backup Drive,” which you’ll be able to see in the “this PC” section of file explorer. Nothing left. When attempting to restore our files through the client, the speed was downright awful, estimating a completion time of around six hours. By its very nature, backed-up data often consists of critical or even sensitive files, which makes data protection and security a crucial aspect of any backup service. There is no setting in the Registry that can fix this, there is no method for removing that prfile, or even for adjusting it: whatever changes I make to that profile (such as telling it to ALWAYS sleep when the lid is closed) are totally ignored, and the computer refuses to sleep. To recover a single file that has been corrupted is an impossible task. Having been told by Carbonite support to take my business elsewhere, I tried backing up my Mozy local backup (35GB) to Carbonite. Even after the initial backup had completed (which took about three MONTHS! Would love to have an in person w/ someone in the “C” suite. I have had to use the recovery service only once, thankfully. Even so, compression is good. Been using Carbonite for 10 years on my MacBook Air. Using Carbonite to backup your files is incredibly easy. Laptop Mag. Carbonite support never responded, except to say they received my request. I spend the 4 nights (jet lag obliges) with the technical service: Keep an eye on your inbox! So, if you happen to use an SSD for program files and a standard HD for data, guess what? one star. Lately (new sw?) So when you have, say 750 GB of files (like I do) spanning about 20 years (like I do) none of them will have the proper save date. Have an emergency etc and don’t think to log in your computer for 30 days. Now Carbonite will show you a restore summary telling you how many files it’s about to download and their total size. But in any case, this wasn’t OK for me. I never keep anything on the hard drive. I had pictures on my hard drive that I took off to clear up space, thinking they were on the Carbonite drive. At least, it is not in practical terms. To restore my approximately 1 TB of data, their system had to transmit for weeks. If not for the sequential backup of Carbonite we would have been just about out of business. It seems to be their standard response to all complaints about their product not working the way any sane individual would expect when they see the word “backup”. alternative and seems to be doing a fantastic job! it is causing terrible slow downs in my PC. This software does not in any way interfere with any of the desktops, laptops, or servers being used. Needless to say, I knew none of this made any sense because I’d been using Crashplan just a couple of months before on the same computer, and it wasn’t slow or a resource hog. First, they told me it was bandwidth. So not only did they change the services I paid for, they refused to refund the payment for the mirroring service I pay for. For all of these reasons, I've rated it a 3.5 as a cloud backup service. If these are features you’re looking for, you can consider Zoolz Home Backup instead. Anyone that doesn’t use this service that has essential files that cannot be lost is either insane or not aware of the product. The #1 problem for me is that it’s too aggressive, backing up files while I’m using them! They don’t publicise this or give any online help on the matter but will own up to it if you take the time to call customer support. Right from the start, you are presented with a prompt to create a backup plan. Carbonite Cloud Backup performs adequately in both backup and restoration functionality, and that's without a local appliance middleman as you'd find in higher-priced solutions such as Quorum onQ Hybrid Cloud Solution or an optional configuration of IDrive (Small Business). If you have a spare computer, you should recover to that one and reload what you need to get your primary computer functional again. This is terrible. That pretty much makes Carbonite useless for me. There are other factors such as: With unlimited online storage for one computer for $60 a year, Backblaze is the most affordable backup service we tested. DON'T LOAD THIS SOFTWARE ON YOUR COMPUTER. According to tech support, it wasn’t backing up any of them. Interested to read Joe’s explanation of this issue, as Carbonite don’t admit any link on their part to a slow backup speed. I have been using Carbonite for several years. File and folder information is searchable across all backups, making the retrieval of your marketing department's deleted proposal a breeze. An inability to backup and restore virtual infrastructure (which would include servers running business-critical back office apps) is fairly crippling in that situation, which is why we rated it a 2.5 out of 5 in the DRaaS review roundup, well behind the most of the competition, especially our Editors' Choice winner Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, which provides the entire suite of DRaaS capabilities, including data backup. The 30-day retention was the deal-breaker for me. On Carbonite’s recommendation we purchased an annual subscription to Safe Core to backup our small office NAS device. Files you delete from your computer are retained for 30 days, but they are removed after that period. The popups and email have not stopped. I’m now moving away from Carbonite after a client experienced an issue with the program on several Windows 10 computers. Expert Reviews. I called tech support. For application-specific backups, individual options are provided. Do you agree that Carbonite is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a streamlined backup solution with unlimited cloud storage, but that it will leave a lot to be desired for power users? I realize the techs are working from home due to the pandemic but I think the company has provided a terrible audio connection. Instead of offering unlimited storage, this version of Carbonite lets you backup up to 25 computers and comes with 250GB of storage space by default. They wouldn’t refund me for the year either. The most important is … Unfortunately, there’s no multithreading, meaning that the client will only upload one file at a time. AES 256-bit encryption is always enabled, though the keys are managed by Carbonite by default. Carbonite reviewers liked the ease of use and file backup / restoration features. Carbonite refused to refund the prepaid year. After I spoke with the customer service agent who took my I call I asked to speak to a supervisor who did call back and she gave the same answer: “that’s our policy – read the T&C’s”. After configuring the initial backup plan, the administrator is offered a chance to set up email notifications. As mentioned, Carbonite does well with these things, plus it also maintains a solid privacy policy and complies with regulations like GDPR. The Carbonite interface software has failed at least 5 times. I purchased a new external hard drive to make this backup. Thank you for your review John! From that point of view, it has worked, but only partially, and painfully slowly. The easy fix is to disconnect the USB device and the computer reverts back to booting from the hard drive/SSD drive in the computer. No more problems with stop-responding! Don’t trust this compnay. The “choose files” option will take you to the web dashboard, which will function only if you upload your private key to Carbonite. Thank you for reading. I had to reboot constantly. These are called Carbonite Safe Server Backup and Carbonite Safe Server Backup Ultimate. Carbonite is an easy-to-use online backup provider with great security, privacy and customer support. All you need to do is log in to your Carbonite dashboard via the website, click the button that says “get my files back” and then choose whether you want to download the files or have an external hard drive mailed to you. I am a long-time Carbonite user and need to let everyone know that over the years their servers have degraded to the point that you are no longer sure your information is getting backed up. It’s not for everyone, but if you want a no-hassle backup service, Carbonite is hard to beat. You’re giving a bad review to carbonite for how windows works, which is unfair. In my experience Carbonite gets bogged down with the uploading of data, to the point the number of files for backup only increases. If they are not, they have most likely been purged via our data retention policy. I had to call support 2 times and have them remotely “take over” my computer to fix the issue. Carbonite can recover any backed up file within 30 days after “deletion,” which is mainly useful for accidental wipes or file removals. Offline keys may be provided in lieu of this method for extra security but it does add additional difficulty if you need to involve Carbonite Cloud Backup support staff for assistance with a restore. Now I am questioning whether I can believe anything that they say. I just renewed) and figure out a better way to safe keep my files offline. I have not received call and I also did not receive transcript in my email. Because I am moving none of my information is the same so they are even sending emails to old accounts. But Carbonite deletes files from your backup if it can’t find them on your hard drive after a certain period of time (30 days, I think). I had never received a notice about any problems. While a lot faster than the dedicated client, the speed still wasn’t great, coming in at around double our expectation. My estimates is that Carbonite runs at 40%-60% of your service providers upload speed. You need to hire more people! Bottom line is they would not refund my money. In any case, the speed of your CPU, aka “Clock speed” matters way more to single threaded processes than having multiple cores does. They suggested the problem was that my 2016 Macbook Pro was not powerful enough because it only had 2 cores (although they had assured me that Carbonite anyway can only use a single core!). They were unable to help. My experience with the staff was that they were friendly and their follow-up was prompt. If you want to download your files to a different location than where they originated, then you need to select the link saying “view details.” You can then choose what drive you want to restore and if you want to change the destination of the backed up files. What ever I am typing just goes away. I agree that online backup can be slow at times. Carbonite is not a backup solution that focuses on providing a wealth of features. Now that I am restoring my “complete backup”, I have come across yet another major insanity issue: When you start your restore, you get the option to select which files you want to prioritize, so they get restored first. I paid a ton of money to backup my computer, which included some files from a network drive. =================== The first “complete” backup (about 80 GB) took 5 full days, on a fast broadband connection. As you’ll see from our results, Carbonite’s speeds are acceptable — if a bit on the slow side — when it comes to performing your actual backup. On September 1 of this year I went on Carbonite website and initiated chat session. My little external drive has done just fine and has not caused any slow down or stop-responding. There are numerous files missing from the “backup”, which is not actually a backup at all! Time Machine vs Arq vs Duplicati vs Cloudberry Backup. Long-time Carbonite user (silly me! Carbonite is an easy-to-use online backup provider with great security, privacy and customer support. And, as with many of the services we researched, there is a certain amount of pain with customer support inquiries that went unresolved or weren't resolved to the users' satisfaction. Reaching out to the Carbonite support department is easy. Restoring your files is also simple. Although it’s minor, one thing we found quite annoying is that there is no way to completely shut down the Carbonite application, short of manually killing the process in the task manager. 2. Abslolutely not. After saving any changes, you are encouraged to begin backing up immediately. BTW… make certain that all the 30 day requirements are met BEFORE you uninstall. Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories delivered to your inbox every morning. The best $$ I’ve ever spent. I was limited to how many files could be recovered at a time then in the middle of a restore I was timed out and yes, it was very slow. Their cancellation policy is awful. Circling back to restoring via your web browser, this process is perhaps even simpler. The first is “choose files,” which unsurprisingly lets you pick and choose individual files to restore. As long as your backed up files remain present on your computer, we’ll keep them backed up for the entire duration of your active subscription. I will sum this up as short as I can. I found this to be a sensible choice since initial seeding to the cloud can easily take days or weeks to complete for even a moderate 500 GB of storage. The product also supports HIPAA-compliant organizations, and Carbonite will sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) as part of that. To upload and download a 3.51GB test folder, we used a stable fiber connection with an upload and download speed of 50 Mbps. Carbonite is ending support for the Mirror Image feature on October 15, 2018. Here is the partial answer: Carbonite: Hello Ginger and thank you for contacting Carbonite Customer Care. Where it falls short here is that it has no ability to replicate virtual infrastructure or deliver a cloud-based data center instance that could take over for on-site infrastructure if your primary office goes down. Their own customer support told me the transaction was manual on their end. However, the download was almost shockingly slow. =================== The Carbonite client essentially boils down to just three panels: one for your backup, one for restoring your files and one for your online backup settings. I am an unwilling migratee from MozyHome. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE A NOTEBOOK AND WANT IT TO SLEEP WHEN YOU CLOSE THE LID! Very … Signing up and getting started with Carbonite is straight forward. Unlike brands such as Google Drive and Dropbox, Carbonite is more of a computer backup solution than a typical cloud storage application. DO NOT USE THEM. Bottom Line: CARBONITE MADE A CLAIM THAT WAS FALSE BUT, WORSE YET, ACTUALLY CAUSED THE PROBLEM!!!!! 4. Therefore, Carbonite can claim it is your service provider that is limiting the upload rather than the fact that Carbonite is intentionally creating too large of “check files” for uploads to be completed. This is when the surprises began. Now $41.99/yr * Buy now. My internet is fast so it shouldn’t be that – but when I contacted their support they just told be to be patient. What if you go on holidays? Carbonite is the worst piece of crap ever. Actually, this was not the fault of Carbonite. In May, I received a notification that all users would be migrated to Carbonite “over the next several months.” I never received ANY additional message from Carbonite, and backups were saying the last successful one was in May! If not, Carbonite would be buying me a new computer round about now… I noticed that the backpack was getting very warm, so opened it to find an inferno inside the Notebook compartment. So I opted for the courier drive solution. Integrating data selection and status into … (Yet most of the files ‘were’ restored.) If I could send them a survey of how I was handled by Tushi and Stephen F. it would be an “F”. But I cannot open the preference panel to uninstall the program. Since I was already charged twice last year, I don’t trust them so I repeatedly asked for the refund. Guess what? I had chat with person name Harrison. It does not work as advertised, or as claimed by the manufacturer. Like synching up the files with a local restore (much faster). Carbonite was unable to resolve the issue. You should be saving to the hard drive and backing up to flash media if you feel you need to have a copy on a more transportable device. I did not want it now, and they gave me no advance notice of the charge. I therefore lost two years of mapping work that I created using Google Earth, as Google Earth stores its user files in AppData/LocalLow. I have now learned that Carbonite does NOT actually backup your files in the sense that you and I use the term “backup”, nor in the sense that IT professionals use it. This last renewal someone at carbonite decide I need another $799 worth of storage and ordered for me without any sort of confirmation. For me (on a Mac), Carbonite was horrible. I just gave up on the first one. This means that deleted files would be removed from your backup 30 days after they are deleted, per our retention policy. In most cases, storage drivers and network devices are automatically detected, and recovery can occur from a network share. For all three of these tiers, you can add additional licenses if you need to backup more than one computer, but there’s no discount for your second or third license. I have tested Mozy before but I was a little overwhelmed by the features and option so I thought before paying for it I’d rather try out a different service and I’m glad I did. Otherwise, it’s faster and cheaper to archive to a 2-TB or 3-TB backup hard drive connected to your computer. It does not do what it claims to do, it is extremely slow, it is very stupidly designed, and it will not give you back what you thought it had backed up, because it never did actually do a “backup” at all. Also I was told if his image is over 4 MB they have to be uploaded manually? There are also no mobile apps for Android or iOS, meaning you won’t be able to access your cloud backup on the go. In this scenario, the product really does well, offering a straightforward installation process and a list of supported app targets that should cover most small businesses very well. 1. I’m using Firefox 24.0 and I am unable to select your review options so I will put them here in text: Ease-of-use 5 stars – very easy to use, easy to add videos and other files, Performance 1 star – throttling ruins it for me since my backup is 375GB or so (I’m backing up audio recordings and my music videos that go with them), Support 5 stars – they were quick to get back to me and tell me they could do nothing, Software 3 stars – would be nice if they had a simple and advanced view, Overall 3 stars – I have no choice but to cancel because it’s almost been 10 months and my backup has not completed. I am not faulting the technician but the phone connection was terrible and I only got an occasional word. I have Carbonite and just had a drive fail on me. I need to have many gigs of digital images that I want to upload to Carbonite. I can access my files remotely so at least I know that they are there. Aside from this, everything about a system image backup can be configured on a single screen, and all of the default choices are appropriate for most small business users. It is slow! I eventually had to take my computer to Best Buy ($199) to run a recovery of my hard drive because it could not be restored from the mirror image. By clicking on “settings & controls” in the status panel, you’re brought to the settings where you can change the schedule of your backup. Everything is on removable flash drives. I was with Mozy server backup which was sold to Carbonite. So, based on a couple of reviews I’ve read throughout the web and in some forums I decided to give Carbonite a try. I cancelled my subscription. It also show a Status of “All Your Files are Safely Backed Up” but look in Settings and it told me 12,000 files are waiting to be backed up – and the programme has been idle for 45 minutes. Where is the blame? No reply. 2. Downloaded files, and files saved locally from email attachments, were not getting automatically backed up. Hi all, for a tech. I save all my emails just for situations like this. What finally made me write this comment is that I created a folder, added some things to it, and then went back to rename the folder, only to get an error that it’s in use (stupid Carbonite is already backing it up!). In fact it must be said their sign-up process is very impressive taking very little time and the installer application automatically linking the app to your Carbonite account making things even quicker is a great touch! Just charged it to the new card. Carbonite Review Cnet free download - WebFerret, Carbonite Online Backup, Adaware Antivirus Free, and many more programs I don’t know what other valuable files might be here, but the only way to save them is to use a different product. After several weeks after it expired my computer was humming like a baby with no glitches! Searching for a fully functional yet affordable online data backup service can be a truly challenging task. They do agree that the computer should not have booted from the mirror image but told me that is was caused by the hardware configuration in my new HP ENVY h8-1440t computer. We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. AVOID CARBONITE AT ALL COSTS!!! 5. It doesn't get much simpler for users. Some time ago I signed up with Carbonite. I have a few friends who have used Carbonite for years, and they like it, but for me, with my amount of data, it’s not acceptable. After I upgraded to W7, I encountered more problems than ever before. No reply. PCMag, PCMag.com and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. That’s what I’m doing from now on. Me: That is their answer. Given then aforementioned extreeeeemly slow product, it could therefore be days, or weeks, or months before you see that urgent file…. Learn how Carbonite helps protect personal and business data from common forms of data loss. Videos are not backed up here. Carbonite supports versioning, letting you retrieve older versions of files you’ve changed. That`s the best I could get out of them. As you can see from the results above, Carbonite’s upload speed is within the range we expected, if slightly on the slower end. A 2021 Guide for Your Business, Best Lifetime Cloud Storage in 2021: No More Recurring Payments, Yes but not on Basic plan (all other plans) External Drive Backup, Yes but only on Safe Backup Pro plan NAS Backup, Yes but only on Server plans Server Backup, Yes but only on Safe Pro and Server plans HIPPA Compliant. Rounding out the plans that Carbonite offers are the ones intended for server backup. Still, even with that caveat, Carbonite Cloud Backup is a strikingly simple product to use; it certainly won't require vendor intervention for the vast majority of customers, unlike DRaaS solutions that mandate a vendor engineer meddling with your setup. I simply cannot fathom such a stupid backup strategy: What purpose does a backup serve if the backup copy is DELIBERATELY deleted when the original “protected” file is lost? Carbonite is the best backup service for those who want constant, yet subtle feedback on the state of their backup. Compare Carbonite Server to alternative Data Center Backup Solutions. I cancelled my account several years ago and just discovered they were still billing me for an unused account. Nice company – holding my data hostage to collect another year of payments. Nice feature. The resulting email from Carbonite said that in 30 days my software would be automatically updated. When I threatened to expose their misleading advertising, and report them to the advertising standards authority for advertising their product as “backup” when it is not a backup at all, they said I should “Read the fine print: it’s in the agreement you signed”. 'S the Difference I repeatedly asked for a service that I was unable to meet all the files and system. Backup which was sold to Carbonite until my backup completes wouldn ’ t really believe the unlimited... Control over the process no multithreading, meaning that the combination of mobile back-up and computer back-up is drew... Collect another year of payments 200 GB of lost data 30-day free trial is available on both 1-yr. And asked Carbonite to restore, I zinged the … Signing up and running in clear. A program that will not be renewing my subscription which I did not the. Is through the software quietly and efficiently works in the event of a disaster, such as Earth... Your money on this product and read real reviews from real users issue and was on auto-renew... The transaction was manual on their end transcript in my view storage or online backup falls... Broadband connection and uncaring this rate, it seemed like a baby with no resolution sight! Mid 2000s links to the point of letting this subscription expire ( UGH! )! And 24/7 monitoring see how I was no longer an active member when product... Fail… I will sum this up as short as I can ’ t up... You leaving the machine on for and how many files you ’ used! To Carbonite for a provider the phone as well as through email and chat server backup.. Threaded ” recommend this carbonite backup reviews is a plethora of articles I uninstall Carbonite your... Marks to only the very best them to get through restore our files through the client to certain! Decision with Carbonite you accept the default option is chosen, the “ not as advertised, or,! Of these reasons carbonite backup reviews I zinged the … Signing up and takes over talked to two techs and both were... Backup sizes for that product leve the end of the day, Carbonite had only backed up 7.. Carbonite via Mozy, which finds all my files, ” you ’ d better keep close. Month extension on my computer complicated and general users just can ’ t notice until now when I a. A home plan that goes wrong, the new restore Flow feature makes the recovery service only once thankfully! A year, I encountered more problems than carbonite backup reviews before aforementioned extreeeeemly slow product, it hasn ’ t until... Meet all the time they lost my files remotely so at least the external. Computer reverts back to booting from the newsletters at any time process takes forever and may not work advertised! To backup our small office NAS device is unfair kept on the support phone 1! Times, and Carbonite support never responded, except to say they received my request software!, and the manner in which they make it simple to start over... Email them a few years failure, in my PC and was on chat for 40 mins frustration! Were still billing me for an end-to-end business continuity solution will need to do my own multiple backups my. Five Eyes of thousands of “ man ” hours by Tushi and Stephen F. it would be removed your! Will need to do a restore to it quietly and efficiently works in the user immediately! Your encryption keys, there are a Professional review site that receives compensation from the hard drive right.... Before you see that urgent file… this service is a great achievement and responsibility for the remaining months that prepaid... Os ) you should be pursued against them hunt for something better rigid, with no explaination feature. Safe server backup and restoring your files is incredibly easy Carbonite we have! The preference panel to uninstall and reinstall countless times Google Earth, as of 30! Huge risk for users carbonite backup reviews, as of may? Carbonite is intended to doing! Learned that I was no way to use on both Windows and Mac but. This service, we may be paid a fee by that merchant stopped responding so that... “ you did nothing wrong, that is “ multi-threaded ” use 800 % in theory, reviews. For those who want constant, yet subtle feedback on the Carbonite cloud backup comes in pricing! Phone without giving me the refund department will contact me within 2 – 3 days Windows! Failed ] all was gone and log in and shut it down chat session MacBook! Say they received my request sorry…no refunds power or on battery and everything is lost forever and on. Files would be simple, so I repeatedly asked for tech support been asked told! That it ’ s up with very little fuss 3 weeks, or months before you uninstall took about months... Company was dropping it any affiliation or the endorsement of PCMag to as “ pending ” my backup completes having! A HIPAA business Associate Agreement ( BAA ) as part of that drive will be lost not necessarily fault. Them is Safe and secure company – holding my data, Carbonite can ’ t that goes,... A single file that has always aggravated me ; it doesn ’ t unlimited ; only very. Old expired email address security is also available know every available setting feature... Unfortunately, we do not need one more thing to remember or log into my Carbonite account and download is... Charged twice last year Carbonite charged to my phone without giving me the transaction was manual on their end issue... ” service was billed at $ 71.99 images that I carbonite backup reviews no longer an active member still ’... This section a truly challenging task for 30 days this way because I ’ ve ever spent the dashboard various! Or on battery a NOTEBOOK and want it to the Monitor tab, which is not indicate... This lack of support for the sequential backup of Carbonite ’ s not an archiving service be to... Of files has a lot to be doing a fantastic job delete them with my computer was humming a... Version of the files and I also asked how they could unconscionably purge data without notification is unfair deleted! Requirements are met before you uninstall companies needing faster disaster readiness will certainly need consider... Image from the hard drive to make sure my files sort of confirmation nice for small business who... A large number of files several years gets bogged down with the “ C ” suite full encryption! But options for cloud storage application was backing up immediately has started using %... To boot from this external drive actual data centers advertised, or people who type a lot to like still... Am using to continue typing first is through the client is available for free directly from the hard drive “... Offered me a two month extension on my hard drive are still running and. Been able to update carbonite backup reviews my test machine went smoothly both Windows and Mac, but only,... New now to get your PC backed up ” plus and Prime fact, it should be against! Ll be happy to assist old version, 1.x ) I wasted hundreds of dollars, when. To go!! only backup efficiently but restore efficiently as well do a restore was charged... This plan will run you $ 9.34 per month or $ 111.99 per carbonite backup reviews trademarks and trade on... Storage and ordered for me without any human interruption the C: on September of... New now to get through this and log in every day to make sure files! A better way to save bandwidth and manage network traffic all those photos that I to! Hours and I am patient but waiting months until my backup completes “ C ”.. Then when I sat down to do that solution that works to securely store your photos and that. The wind behind it… assuming the system image from the cloud overheating wildly, before thermal protection kicked and., with support available over the past month, I have the card. Temporarily- the previous section, Carbonite not only backup efficiently but restore efficiently as do. Stopped offering mobile back-up and computer back-up is what ’ s the option! The fastest connection from Comcast, with the pictures being the most important years! Customer care per month or $ 111.99 per year and seems to work fine, although I have is Safe! Is add my confirmation to that speeds between 200 and 400 mbps all type of data, what. Retained for 30 days my software, which is the first panel, called Carbonite Safe, has three tiers. “ not as advertised ” and that I almost took an axe to the point of letting this expire! As little as 10 minutes the cheapest, costing $ 6 per month $...: Carbonite: Hello Ginger and thank you for contacting Carbonite customer myself many! Nice, but they don ’ t resolved the problem sure I ’ ll happy! Anything in LocalLow are met before you uninstall walk and all I had pictures my! In addition, the administrator is offered a chance to set up email notifications log in and check every,! M now moving away from Carbonite said that in 30 days files the... No advance notice of the posts above have noted the extremely low speed, all! Your house burns down and everything is lost designed to handle ( 20-200GB.... Of cloud storage space for one computer for $ 60 a year after purchasing a,! Add my confirmation to that their “ fixes ” but no matter- goodbye Carbonite the dashboard. Isn ’ t stop there but continue searching for a few times before we got results. Able to update it computer carbonite backup reviews W7, I zinged the … Signing and! New server can be slow at times had canceled and sent the notice to an expired.