Endemic to the area, this is just one of many brightly-coloured fish in one of Kauai’s best scuba and snorkelling spots. carol. Does this beach have a lifeguard? Thanks! Just spent the last week hanging on Tunnels...It was amazing as usual. Camped at Haena on the night of Feb. 1 and it was fantastic. And isn't Bethany alive and doing well, still surfing and even winning some surf events? I will be staying in a rental home on the beach about half way between the west end of Alamo\'o Road and the east side of Makua Beach. Thanks for the great site! You just have to weigh these factors and make a decision. Can someone tell me what kind of weather it is typically in February at Tunnels beach? Personally I recommends North but I know others who would disagree. Mahalos. I usually go to Kapoho tidepools on the Big Island, where it is really safe and protected. Surf lessons have become quite popular over the past couple of years and a search online will point you towards several different schools. Check for current ocean conditions to help make your decision while you're here. Hi Phil - keep your snorkel plans flexible and head south if the surf comes up. Andy's and Holoholo. If you tune in to the conditions I can almost guarantee that you'll score some epic days in that time. W, hi- wonderful sit. The owner says that we can swim (or kayak) across the river mouth to the sandbar at Wainiha Bay. J. My boyfriend and I went snorkeling here yesterday. It will still have beach goers. I'm wont be looking for the big big waves but again don't want small ones. My partner and I will visit Kauai in April or May. Makua (Tunnels) Beach is 5.5 miles west of Hanalei on a narrow section Highway 560. I was wondering about fishing from the beach primarily using lures (not bait) with barbless hooks as I generally practise catch and release. This will be the first xmas away from the rest of our families. Thanks for this great info and necessary cautions. It\\\'s our first time to visit. I\'m really glad I came across this site before we arrive in Kauai next week (July 27 - Aug 3). Is the surf height, the height outside of the reef? The Explorer's Guide to Kauai answers all the frequently asked questions from the discussions on this website, including the questions you didn't know to ask. February can get quite stormy so be ready to wait out some rain or move to another spot. Contact info? We will be staying in Poipu. Hi Sam. So, in addition to ocean swell and current conditions, I would also add that when you go in the water be aware of your own limitations! Thanks! Depending on which home you have rented you can walk down the bluffs to the ocean. @ Bon: You've picked a gorgeous beach for lounging here. Can you recommend a section of the beach that would be a great place to get married (slightly less populated, still have views of "Bali Hai" in distance). Is Tunnels appropriate for beginner not so experience snorkelers? With the weather being very windy and not exactly tropical, I used your info every day to determine the best place to go for surfing or snorkling. we are planning our first trip to kauai in early october with our 3 kids ranging in age from 14 to 1. we all like quiet, natural places and are trying to decide between basing ouselves at anini or tunnels. Which beach would you suggest that we could go to that would not sweep us away? Mahalo. We want to explore all of the island, especially the parks (hiking trails), sailing, kayaking. And yes, there are sharks in all Hawaiian waters. Can you tell me if there isa a public bus system that I could take that would drop me of near some North and South beaches? Dangerous conditions occur not just because of surf height, wind and tide are also factors. Also, you cant touch or chase the turtel's and the fish have plenty of food in the sea to EAT!!! The area to the RT of the rocks is easy to enter, warm & beautiful color. Check in with the lifeguard at Haena Beach Park, near Tunnels. 3. visibility is water clarity We are headed to Kauai in august 2011 and feel better prepared because of all your tips. The Surf Trends graph shows the North Shore on the decline from "gigantic" surf at that time. Detailed forecast tide charts and tables with past and future low and high tide times . Mahaulepu Beach There are many many more occurrences where the sharks don't attack, aren't there? We're considering renting a house in Haena that backs up to the YMCA campsite. Can we rent a lift jacket from the beach? Thanks! I will be in Kauai Feb 20-22 and wanting to know if its better to camp at Anini or Tunnels? Any suggestions for local restaurants and other "out of the way" places would be most helpful. The shallow inner reef is great for the novice and children, while the outer reefs are exhilarating for the more advanced divers and snorkelers. Where would you recommend the best place to try? The family is building in Malpais Costa Rica pretty cool place but the North shore of Kauai is my favorite place in the world. We usually access the beach just past the 8 mile marker (like the guide books recommend). In case of the snorkel conditions weren't good in Tunnels, which other beaches do you recomend for the last week of November? My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon in Kapa'a, Kauai! Tunnels Beach: Beyond Hanalai - Makua Beach - See 907 traveler reviews, 447 candid photos, and great deals for Kauai, HI, at Tripadvisor. Or is the only one way out by the second reef? The Kuhio Highway drops down a massive cliff side to give you views of Hanalei Bay against the backdrop of misty, waterfall-covered mountains. Thanks, Laur - Hawaii is not the best shelling and you will have to get up early to beat the regulars. Looking at google earth I see there is a great deal more to explore inside the reef. I'm hoping to camp at Haena with 2 other girlfriends, the first week of March next year. Generally, lots of turtles, lots of fish. Check the surf report before heading out and stay safe. we were wanting to surf and snorkel. Not the biggest. Any recommendations? They just don't handle the east wind well. She can swim but obviously only at a kid level. A hole in the wall. Hi Erin - it's gonna be about 1.5 hours driving from Poipu to Makua. Makua Beach on Oahu A photo posted by nohea (baldy) lileikis (@no.hea.hea) on Aug 7, 2015 at 12:54pm PDT You might think it's impossible to find a beach that feels secluded on the heavily populated island of Oahu, but if you drive down to the west side, Makua Beach will prove you wrong. As an extra safety measure? We are coming Molalaa Bay at the end of October. Tune in with them for the best info on water safety. You will be rewarded by some areas where there are few (or no) poeple. Will not have internet - is there a surf report hotline? Would you say that the North side of the island is best for snorkeling". We would love any and all ideas or suggestions. We can hardly wait. a great web site. This will make for our 3rd trip to Kauai but our first with a toddler. In the summer the conditions were perfect! I'm thinking of relocating to Kauai and have 2 golden retrievers. Since the island’s major focus are its picturesque beaches, let us take a look at the best beaches in Kauai: 1. I am faced with a seemingly chronic problem: where to go and what to do in only 5 days! We will be visting in June and have never been to this island. Definitly not a beginners break. Thanks John - May is usually good snorkeling on the North Shore, just get the current conditions from this site, locals and lifeguards. Bandit - it can pour any time of year here, but it can also be very nice in January. DID YOU KNOW THAT ALL CAPS IS EQUIVALENT TO DIGITAL YELLING? Where can I drive, park, and then hike in? From a geological point of view, Kauai is the oldest component of the archipelago. Cannot wait to snorkel this area. We will be staying on Kepuhi beach east of Tunnels in June.....I rarely see this beach mentioned. Are there alot of sharks swimming by the reefs I will be in The Princeville area April 9-16. Is it possible to walk here from Ke'e Beach? Are there shuttles or buses you can catch to Tunnels or some of the other beaches or must you rent a car to get there? Mahalo for your reply! Can anyone tell me if the Poipu Beach Hotel is open yet? Aloha Brigitte. My husband and I are planning our 30th wedding anniversary trip to Kauai in August. We usually come in Sept and stay in the south. I am looking for a place to snorkle during the first couple weeks of January. There's the Hanakapi'ai hike, Tunnels, Queen's bath and Secret beach...all a "must see" while in Kauai. We will be staying on the north shore in mid-Jan 2010. Kēʻē Beach has a unique reef lagoon, which allows the water to be calm and attractive for snorkeling and swimming. I guess a good comparison is that it does not snow every day of winter on the mainland. will it be possible to snorkle on the north shore middle of feb- end of month? Thanks for any suggestions. There are a number of reef points and channels with strong currents. North shore is close to the Kalalau Trail and East side hikes. Poipu is closer to Mahaulepu Trail and Kokee. We will be going to Kauai in 2 weeks. Tunnels is a "protected" beach, is that correct? The number for licenses for fishing is: (808) 587-0109. However, it will all be dependent on current ocean conditions for that day. Thank you. It is no surprise that Kauai’s beaches are voted amongst the top beaches on the planet. Would the water be too cold around this time of the year would snorkelling be difficult around this time? Also, my BFF is getting married and her and her new hubby might want to tag along, so additional suggestions for newbee's? I don't have any questions, I just want to give a big "thank you" for taking the time to answer everyone's questions here. Check prices on hotels close to Makua Beach Tonight 29 Dec. - 30 Dec. You will be seeing donations from me for your expansion and I can't wait to see your Big Island beach guide. Since they are in close proximity you should check out both Makua and Kee. Probably one of our favorite beaches on Kauai. Aloha, Thanks for doing this...great info. We are having a difficult time deciding on whether to snorkel on the North Side (Haena Beach Park & Kee Beach) or South Side (Poipu Beach). Parking, walking distance etc. Tides are not a big factor. We are going back December 26th and will snorkel here again but I will steer clear of the beautiful yet very protective fish! But Hanalei will be lusher, cooler and sunny most of the time. Aloha. See the seasonal surf trends page seasonal surf trends for more info and always check the daily conditions. Thanks! Thank you very much. Is this beach safe for swimming? The truth however is that the North Shore of Kauai is quite expensive and there are only a few good surf spots which are usually crowded. Aloha Steph. This 2-mile stretch of beach is located on Kauai’s north shore at Ha’ena Point. You cannot outswim rip currents. Hanalei Pier Makua Reef Tides updated daily. On thing I noticed when I started looking at maps is that Makua beach is actually before Haena, just from the read I got the impression you had to hike away from Haena. needless to say I am an avid fisherman and would love to experience all that I can. You could rent a boogie board in Hanalei. What part of the island should we stay at if we want to snorkel and learn how to surf? Is there a local tip line or website available to find out if a beach is closed due to bad or dangerous conditions, before you actually make a trip to that beach? Visiting Kauai with my wife at the end of October and first part of November. Don't need actual swimming nor snorkel. I usually bring a pack and shoes in case I choose to walk back via the road. Our Ebook offers maps with all bus stop locations, lists of all parks for camping and links to the places to obtain permits. Kepuhi is calm today (rare) but has some very strong currents - not recommended unless you have an "ocean eye" Can you suggest any place on the islands like this with little tourist and quiet beaches? Thank you so much for the response Winston! Have fun. Makua Beach is the second last beach where the road ends (the last one is Yokohama Bay). Bill. I WILL BE VISITING HAWAII FOR THE FIRST TIME I HAVE TWO KIDS 4 AND 9 AND WE WERE WONDERING IS THEREANY WILD LIFE ON LAND OR SCORPIAN REPTILIAN ANIMALS TOBE WARE OF. What are water temps like in the north compared to the south Poipu? What about the television or radio? The golden sand beach has a backdrop of lush jungle and mountains making this a picture perfect beach. Great website! Didn't really think about it being Nov/Dec when I booked this trip. Hey! The current can be quite strong inside even when the surf is not huge. Rash. A beautiful beach too with the craggy green cliffs in the background. The danger is in times of big surf and high tides when the surf pushes water over the reef. If I'm staying in Poipu but want to visit Tunnels Beach, how should I do it? What would you recommend? I surf in the UK when I can and would class myself as more of an intermediate bodyboarder. There is a Dry Cave across the street from Haena Beach park and the Blue Room is further up the road. If we are staying in Kapaa on the East side and want to snorkel the Tunnels where should we rent snorkel gear? A highlight of my Kauai experience. Since we love to snorkel, we kept a close eye on the swell and sea conditions as reported on the Kauai Explorer web site. Upon entering the water I was staring face to face with a friendly turtle. We go to Oahu to party but love Kauai for the outdoor lifestyle. For starters what beach is best for a warm sunny lounge? What I read indicated mostly on the west and south shores. I've been on several sights that say that there is not lifeguard. After the big flooding last year and contaminants traveling into the waters as well as earth etc. ( aug 22).Are tunnel beach or kee beach less crowded in weekdays than weekend? My family will be traveling to Kauai the first week of June. We promise to be respectful of your culture and your environment. The best solution is a house that is comfortable and to explore the North Shore. Any advice is appreciated!! 1:52 . I am debating between the beginning vs the end of March. Sounds like snorkeling conditions may be hit or miss. Or alternatively, to a fishing store in either Hanalei or Poipu that I could obtain info from. Check our daily Ocean Report. However, on any given day, the ocean conditions can be different for the norm on that given month. source: mese.berg (Shutterstock) Who It’s For: If you want crystal clear waters to snorkel and scuba in, let us present Tunnels Beach to you. WillyWeather 67,437 . Where (area) is best to stay this time of year? As you probably know, winter surf can make this spot very dangerous. Have fun and spread the word at the beach. My family of five are going to Kauai for the 1st time!! Everyone needs to visit Tunnels for snorkeling, but remember, be kind to the reef--no touching (it's SHARP anyway) or stepping, right?? Hi Tom. W. Does this beach have shallow snorkeling areas (2' to 4' deep) or tide pool like wading area under a foot or few of water where kids can snorkel and see abundant invertebrate life? I have a hotel at the Wailua side of the island. Hawaiian oceans are not be be taken lightly. Hi Matt - Makua and Kee are good choices for summer swimming and snorkeling. Visit Kaua‘i County's website for info and applications. are they calm or...? Hi Jennifer - it's hard to beat Makua or Kee when the ocean is calm. If not, do you recommend a beach with these ameninites and has surfing/snorkeling? Best to consult a local coordinator. I am 58 years old.) Early in the AM and low tides provide more protection for places like Makua or Kee. Any suggestions? We were given a week in November at a place in either Princeville or Koloa. Can you rent snorkel gear at Tunnels Beach? Kauai. Hi Paul - a common misunderstanding is that the North Shore is crazy rough EVERY day of winter. Flesher. This beachfront property is just steps from Tunnels Beach, with great swimming and snorkeling directly in front of the home. Plus, there's detailed Kauai vacation maps and neighborhood info...Show me! Hi Hanna - the chances that you'll get to snorkel are almost 100%. Two access points - public access is next to tennis court off of main road by Princeville Hotel, or Pali Ke Kua resort has their own access. How is the weather during the first 2 weeks of march? I had heard about Tunnels prior to going and really wanted to check it out. The underwater tunnels are filled with sleeping sharks its quite a site to see. I was hopeful that maybe by the middle of April the water will not be super rough. Learning to surf or bodyboard. Congrats & good luck! Mahalo. As always remember the safety rules and check the Ocean Report. W. Will be on the island second week of June. i am just concerned about my 7 year old, is the water calm enough? Mostly sandy shoreline. Thanks and this is a great website. Fuji Beach I felt comfortable at both locations. All the best to you and your wonderful staff. I'm also concerned about vog. Hideaway Beach; how do people lose lives there; current or that steep walk you talked about? tia! Any information would be greatly appreciated. We were thinking January, however I keep reading about storms and huge waves! We plan to stay at the north end of kauai mid to late June. Thank you. We will coming in September, will the snorkeling be safe at the tunnels this time of year. W, My wife and I just returned from our fifth trip to the north shore of Kauai (29 October - 7 November). I'll be making my first trip to Kauai this April (9 - 16) staying in Princeville. Last time I was in Kauai was Sept. and I loved the North Shore beaches. God Bless Her, she's a real champ! Wainiha and neighboring Haena are remote, rural areas nestled at the end of the road on the North shore. The main concept to remember is that conditions are always changing. I do strongly suggest that you spend a few days checking out Haena, Lumahai, Hanalei and Kauapea to see which you like. Be safe and check our Ocean Report. We're staying on the north shore near Princeville. Hanalei Bay is a great place for beginning surfers. One of my main desires while on this "once in a lifetime" vacation is to do some spearfishing. Additionally, is it possible to hike/walk down the bluffs to Anini Beach from the houses overlooking the beach? How often are they seen here? Hi Jen - you might get lucky and find some calm conditions on the North shore this time of year but more likely you'll have to go South. Or is this a bad time to snorkle? @Angela: Legally, dogs are not allowed on any beach without a leash. You might be able to snorkel at this time of year, but the chances are low. LIke, I would never attempt to fly a plane without experience or training. If so, would it be better to do since parking can be a problem? Jellyfish can be seen washed up on the shore when they are present. Parking is limited and you should be mindful of other people using the area. Thanks! I\'ll be visiting Kauai in mid November and staying in Princeville. can you tell me about places on the south shore. The only exception to having these calm waters is during the winter months where the sea does become rough and more dangerous. I have recently been reading about the time of the month that the box jellyfish arrive and wouldn't you know it, it will be that week. @ Nancy: July is our summer and it's generally sunny on the North Shore during this time. Kealia Beach Will snorkeling be OK then? There are no lifeguards directly in front of the best snorkeling and the conditions vary from swimming-pool to extremely-dangerous-raging-ocean. Cancel free on most hotels. Tunnels Beach: Beyond Hanalai - Makua Beach - See 906 traveler reviews, 438 candid photos, and great deals for Kauai, HI, at Tripadvisor. Beautiful beach with huge reef. First off, this site is fantastic. (Of course I will follow all your safety rules, check the ocean report and so on) Makua has many great areas for swimming / snorkeling but they can also be deadly. This year we are staying in Hanalei and wish to explore the beaches here. Secondly I enjoyed a lot traditional plate lunches in Maui, where we found a restaurant with awesome food & really inexpensive. I'm wondering what conditions are normally like in April? Camp Alealea 2 on Naue Beach TVNC-1201: is one of two identical beachfront, luxury rental homes located at the Makua Kai property on Naue Cove in Haena on the Garden Isle of Kauai. I am travelling to Kauai in September and plan to do some camping but would like to camp in a place that is relatively well occupied (as I will be travelling alone), is Tunnels beach a good option and are there any other suggestions?