It contains elements that can damage your chain. If you like exploring off-road and getting your bike muddy, you should clean it even more than that. Over lubricating, your chain will make a mess, attract and hold dirt and will reduce the efficiency of your bike. If your lube leads to poorer efficiency and increased drivetrain wear, having to replace worn parts of your bike more often will undoubtedly cost a lot more in the long run than an efficient lube. Check the chain by holding your tape measure up to the chain while the chain is still on the bike. Durability is the lesser issue as you can and should lube your chain often. Oils that are specifically marketed as bicycle-chain lubricants are superior to non-bicycle-specific products. Bike tools & maintenance. The added power comes at the expense of chain protection, however, since dirt and abrasives are free to migrate into every nook and cranny in the chain. When lubricating your bike, really all you have to look for is the moving parts, where metal pieces move against one another. Mostly I clean it along with the rest of the bike, which isn’t very often here in sunny SoCal, then squirt the chain with WD-40 to keep it from rusting – and every now and then with actual chain lube. Some lubricant makers recommend leaving the bike for a couple of hours, or even overnight, before riding again. If the bike has been exposed to water, grit, mud, grime, dust or dirt . Use a light, specially-formulated bike lubricant and not any old junk that you find in your garage. The frequency at which chain lube should be re-applied is like any other component’s maintenance interval: it depends on how often you ride, in what conditions, the type of lube used, and your attention to chain care between re-lubing. It strongly adheres to the drivetrain and is … They generally contain Teflon ® and are designed to repel dirt and water. So, how exactly do you go about doing this? On a dirt bike, we recommend cleaning and lubricating your chain after every ride. Keeping your bike chain clean and well lubricated is one of the easiest steps you can take to keep your electric bike in top shape. You may not always need to reapply after every wet ride but you should be drying the bike off and giving everything a once over. Chain lubricant: Properly lubricating your chain helps extend the life of your drivetrain. Gotta give that beast some love. They generally contain Teflon ® and are designed to repel dirt and water. Always apply bicycle-specific lube oil to a clean chain. More often than not I will rinse/wash the chain and give the bike a quick wipe. On my commuter bike, I lube after every rain storm I ride in and once a week (weekends) with a wet lube. Durability is the lesser issue as you can and should lube your chain often. I clean the cassette about once a month and it tends to stay pretty dirty.. The question of how often should I degrease and lube my bike chain is a common question, especially when beginning. A great pump is an essential tool for every rider. Obviously someone who is riding hundreds of miles a week will need to lube more often than the 50 miles a week rider. Non o-ring needs lots of lube and to be removed and cleaned now n then. I change from weekly wash & dry lube when riding outdoors to probably (at least only) lubing every 3 weeks-ish when solely using the turbo. After every long or hard ride . Try not to lube your chain right before a ride–it’s a great idea to do so the night before so that it has a chance to dry a bit, and it won’t be a dirt magnet. How often to lubricate your motorcycle chain depends on your riding activity. If you have been thinking of how often to lube motorcycle chain, then you are in the right place. Add lube to your chain: Choose a bike lubricant that’s right for the conditions. Aug 12, 2010 #7 o-rings never get lubed, just washed and then WD to get water off so they dont rust. Here our Great Britain Cycling Team mechanic guides you through the routine. A clean well lubricated bike chain will keep your bike running in optimal health but under or over lubrication will cause problems too so it can be tricky to get right. Personally, I'm with Kerry - Prolink or homebrew is the best compromise. The advice we give to every new bicycle buyer is to regularly "clean and lubricate your chain." Like said attracting dirt is as bad as being dry. There are two types of lube: wet or dry. Either option allows the rear wheel (and your motorcycle chain) to spin freely, thus allowing for more efficient application of your chain cleaner and chain lube. If you ride regularly then you should decrease and lube your bike’s chain at least once every month to maintain optimal performance. Considering what your bike chain has to bear and how important the chain is. Note: Always use a cleaner and lubricant designed for bike drivetrains. If you ride the motorcycle just once in a week, you may need to lubricate the chain every three months. Dirt and rust will quickly cover the chain leading to severe wear and tear damages. Whatever you do, do not use motor oil. If you're married to your lube, at least take the chain off the bike for cleaning (SRAM Masterlink or Wipperman Connex link make this super easy and eliminate concerns about breaking links). Cleaning and lubricating your bike chain is an essential but often neglected maintenance routine. Make sure to inspect your bicycle chain every 1-2 weeks, this will allow you to keep on top of all of the dirt and debri that your bicycle chain gathers on a regular basis. This gives the lubricant time to spread into the tiny gaps in the chain bearings. 100 miles if you’re using a wet lube; 60 miles if using a dry lube; When should I oil my chain? Likewise, take the cassette off the wheel before dousing/scrubbing it with degreaser. I don’t really like lubing a chain which isn’t clean, particularly when riding outside but I’m a little less concerned if it’s just been turbo miles. If you ride in the wet and mud definitely lube that chain often. Not doing the same will be a problem for your chain. How Often Should I Be Checking My Bicycle Chain For Oiling & Maintenance? And if you ride regularly, remember to clean and lube your chain at least once a month. Shop tools Pumps. My LBS told me to lube my chain every 150 miles, but ~ How often should I lube my chain? I ride about 11 miles each way three or four times a week. Find yours today! People often ask me ( yes they do) how often they should oil their bike chains and the answer is always the same: regularly. It really depends on how often you ride and the weather in your area. If the measurement to the middle of the second chain pin is above 12, you need to replace your bicycle chain. The beauty of cleaning your bike often is that you also get to inspect the condition of the chain while taking good care of it. If you ride often, once a week is likely enough. In the case of a long ride, you should lubricant the chain after 400 to 500 kilometers. Motocross riders lean toward non O-ring and X-ring chains since they’re lighter, which maximizes power to the ground. But the thing rides like a dream!! Simon is here for a special maintenance episode of Ask GCN. Cleaning and lubing a motorcycle chain is a relatively easy process. Find bike-specific tools for maintaining and repairing your ride at home. However, you can determine if it needs lube with a simple "twist test." Non O-ring chains need dirt bike chain lube more often. How Often Should You Lubricate Your Bike Chain? Most bike cables are made of steel and require lubing. Now my question is, now that Im using wet lube My chain seems to be black full of grease, a lot now, im giving it a good clean but I have not ventured into taking the chain off and giving it an overnight soak, as I dont have a remover and never done it before. I usually ride in the dry. Wet lubes tend to attract more dirt (hence the more frequent cleaning). Wet lube is best to use when you’ll be riding in wet conditions. Note: Always use a cleaner and lubricant designed for bike drivetrains. As a general rule, excess lube should always be carefully wiped away before the bicycle is ridden. Dry the chain: Use a clean, dry rag to dry your chain well before you apply chain lube. 1. Oils that are specifically marketed as bicycle-chain lubricants are superior to non-bicycle-specific products. – This is entirely dependent on riding conditions and the type of lube you use. There's no set timeline for how often you should lube your chain. I use the chain wax and my chains usually last a long time. I ride less than 200 miles a week, and I’m at about the 200 mile mark on my new road bike. Anyway, How often shoud I clean my chain and re-lube. The following 5 Tips provide some basic pointers for cleaning your chain, properly applying lubrication, and other ways to take good care of your chain. A chain checker is considered one of the best and will always give you a go or no go gauge on your chain wear. Typically wet conditions call for more lube since the water can destroy the chain. Cables. You don't want to leave your bike sitting there wet in the corner like a step child. Happy trails! How often should I lube my mountain bike chain? Apply a very small drop of lube to each individual roller (put the lube on the part of the chain that’s closer to the ground to prevent dripping lubricant on your bike frame). Here is where we help you out by answering some of the most popular questions that get asked when it comes to chain maintenance and lube. Cleaning your bike often will call for the use of more lube on the bike. As the saying goes, a clean bike is a fast bike. Including the can of worms question "How Often To Lubricate & Degrease A Chain". The chain is at the heart of the bike, says Rob McCreedie of Juice Lubes, and it's vital to keep it clean and well lubed through winter. Some of the important reasons you should lubricate your bike include; To Prevent Corrosion: ... With this process carried out as often as required, your chain continues to work fine. Sometimes distance does not matter for your chain. How often you clean your drivetrain, and to what extent, will vary depending on your lube selection, riding conditions, and mileage. Know how to remove rust from the bike chain. Most of my riding is done on the road in an urban city, so there is a lot of odd, unnatural debris. The weather condition of the area you live in greatly determines how you need to lube the chain. It is a lot easier if your bike has a center stand or if you have a paddock stand. For example, if you live in a salty close to the sea, the soil is most likely to get salty if it rains a lot. Step 2: Get your bike into position. Read on! And how often is "regularly?" For some, this means re-applying lube every day, while for others, it may be once a month or more. Hello, When trying to figure out how often to lube your chain you should take your weekly mileage into consideration. M. MikeinFresno. How often should I lube bicycle chain? Weather matters a lot .