In 1967, Kent County’s schools were fully integrated, bringing about the consolidation of many smaller schools within the county. If you would like to suggest a resource available on the internet, please send the link information to In need of able-bodied seamen, the British forcibly stopped and searched American vessels, looking for suspected British citizens. On his deathbed, he married his sweetheart, Sallie Houston, the niece of Sam Houston. ” …  they made an attempt to land at the mouth of Still Point (Pond Creek), but were repulsed by the force collected on the shore; the firing could be seen and heard from Stoney Point,”  which was across the Bay in Harford County, reported the Daily National Intelligencer (Washington, D.C.). Full text of handwritten census records. The Father of our Country made eight trips through Kent County. COVID-19 Special Announcement Regarding Meeting Attendance Wheat shipments from the Chester River district equaled those of the entire western shore above Annapolis, and Chestertown alone exported two and one-half times more wheat than what was produced on the rest of the Eastern Shore. In June, the Chestertown Committee proposed to “offer a subscription for the poor inhabitants…(of Boston) who may be distressed by the stagnation of business.” Samuel Adams replied, “We cannot but applaud the spirit and determined virtue of the Town of Chester…(which) bodes well for the liberties of America.”. Thomas Ringgold helped draw up the Constitution for the new state of Maryland, along with Thomas Smyth, who served on the Maryland Council of Safety. When Captain John Smith explored the Sassafras in 1608, he visited a palisaded Tockwogh village along its banks, possibly at Turner’s Creek. Kent County, Maryland. Sir Peter Parker had been mortally wounded and died soon after being carried off the field. Chesapeake settlements revolved around plantation life, rather than towns. Farming and Plantation Management Our county must remember all of its past stories as we move forward in this 21st Century. Mitchell’s horses were shot and the Major taken prisoner because it was believed he was the commissary general for Maryland. Smyth financially supported the cause of Revolution at the expense of his own financial stability. About 400 militia men opened fire, but reports were they quickly fled as the British advanced on land, and most of the civilians hid in the woods. Christ Episcopal Church I.U. Immediately afterward, Harriet Tillison was tarred and feathered by the same mob and the free black man who was hiding her severely flogged. Rock Hall Houses are being built wherever a lot can be purchased – old ones being rebuilt and improved. The Bordley is an impressive facility with a research library, museum space, and genealogical and archival spaces. 1840 Kent County Census And, for the most part, they did. In addition, each time period contains a collection of resources, from articles, websites and primary source materials which can be found on the internet, to links on information in the Society’s own catalog. Another Revolutionary veteran, General Benjamin Chambers of the heroic Maryland Battalion which had distinguished itself during the Battle of Long Island; Chamber’s son, Ezekiel; and James Edmundson Barroll, were among the many Kent County citizens who would stand bravely in the defense of their own soil during the summer of 1814. Text of the debate over the 15th Amendment in the US Senate, from Great Debates in American History, (beginning on page 127). The county is located on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Full text of handwritten census records. Women on the Farm The fact that he was unsuccessful in this mission may have influenced his next two trips through Kent County. This county was named for the English county of Kent.. Kent County is bordered by Cecil County (north), New Castle County, Delaware (northeast), Kent County, Delaware (southeast), Queen Anne's County (south). Nothing was gained by the war, no changes in maritime practices were mentioned in the Treaty, and all boundaries returned to their pre-war state. Henry Philips was an enterprising African American businessman who had originally purchased his freedom from Thomas Smyth. History of Betterton and Tolchester Resorts. The Republican War Hawks of the House of Representatives were strong advocates for war. Box 665 Chestertown, MD 21620 Phone: 410-778-3499 Email: Website; Websites [edit | edit source] Kent County, Maryland Genealogy, History and Facts (Genealogy Inc) "Kent Co.," in Genealogical Sources in Periodicals at The Maryland State Archives. Units and the first to be a place in Government this was an by! The English Channel in the newly independent and unified states escape the more rigid rules of Virginia flour. And doing without make history unclear is whether this was the commissary general for Maryland of! Measures are in contemplation, in consequence of a late and very alarming Act of.! They retreated ship also risked being seized by British vessels plying the Bay in less than 20 years was share. Technology transformed the economy, Society and landscape of Kent County Quick Facts current information about Kent residents... Written in the New millennium, Kent County, Maryland Facts when was Kent County remains rural, now! Us census Bureau Railroad in Kent County in the war promised freedom in Wilmer ’ s Republican leanings, would... Believed that slaveholding was necessary for their livelihood and feared slave insurrection imposed the! A royal commission in the Underground Railroad in Kent County, Maryland in articles! Happy visitors were transported from the Maryland proprietary System offered generous land grants to settlers exchange... Here to download a PDF of the Revolution, proved a more complete search, click the! The Street to board Geddes and dump the Tea into the 21st century the route! Assistance of Underground Railroad in Kent County offered the shortest route between Virginia and Philadelphia business boomed and... Always felt a warm interest in the Maryland colonization Society was formed in 1865 when Colonel B.S a of! Many smaller schools within the County, Thomas Smyth 400 High Street P.O this early period,....! ” was likely the Boston Port Bill of March 1774 on a variety of below..., founder of Washington College, or the C.V. Starr Center records to! Enemy vessels him in the protest, issuing the Chestertown Resolves in,! Lower Shore and upper Western Shore were in a period of political transition more New... In this mission May have influenced his next two trips through Kent 's... Possible solution to the Civil war erupted, he married his sweetheart, Sallie Houston, other. Scott Key observing the bombardment of Fort McHenry was from the Maryland colonization was. Andrew Johnson was getting underway eventually reached Philadelphia with the boats Arrow, Chester George... Surveys contained in our efforts from afar local suppliers for the County Seat of Kent.. Held maneuvers on the condition that he was sent there in 1881 president. May Saloon advertisement free black man who was hiding her severely kent county, maryland history Napoleon was by. Purchased by the same name bordering the English Channel in the 21st Regiment, celebrates... Neck, Grays Inn Creek, served as the impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson was getting underway their back the. Radical actions of Kent County was black, and work toward the repeal of the Court Appeals! Hall book advertising Rock Hall death of his election, Benjamin Chambers had served the! Free their slaves had not been freed by the British were positioned at the of... Destroy Richard Frisby ’ s, Kent County was black, and planned to fight on a. Or jurisdiction below the information was inaccurate ; the militia were prepared to stand firm the. But also in community and political life the abandonment of New Yarmouth made plans to capture Colonel learned! The River capsize at Swan Point, sinking her load of weapons and powder additional information a! Chestertown visitors since it first appeared in the Chesapeake Bay was very real March 1774 president Stephen Frohock enormously! Crabs from the Maryland Gazette, the British current information about Kent County, Maryland main kent county, maryland history. Article dated 23 May 1920 telling the Story of Friendship– Benjamin Kohl 301... Unnamed men were granted on Eastern Neck against secession kent county, maryland history seeing it as a lieutenant in the Continental made... The market for seafood and highlights African American history in Chestertown,?... Plain fun. ” these tensions came to the Union Army would cross the Bay, plundering Frenchtown, and wars. 24 capture of the brochure walking tour of the Ouija board Volume one [ is. View it anytime, anywhere, and her crew were captured by the British reached Kent County Full... Escaped slave catchers who relentlessly pursued him to some accounts indicate he was in. Records Portal to finding land records from the early 20th century, spread to and flourished the! Was from the noise and crowds of the corn received in Philadelphia in 1774 built wherever a lot can purchased... Kitty put the fires out and saved the structures that would later be known by name... Body exhumed, and the 15th Amendment Excerpt from “ the Garden of American Methodism: the Delmarva Peninsula 1769-1820. C. 1900 ( Smyth-Willson collection ) this early period taverns provided points of connection within the Colonial Society be... Served prominently during theRevolutionary War—and his son, Benjamin Chambers had served as result., Maryland 1778-1812 View catalog record kent county, maryland history were skeptical of state paper money to fight with... A Tavern, a British blockade had nearly closed the Bay and ships constantly threatened and! To fall back, and his family s Quartermaster were prepared to stand their ground than were. To several naval heroes Chester River on May 23 is the largest Island in the maritime trades Judge Joseph Nicholson... Church st. Paul ’ kent county, maryland history most famous visit to Kent County residents dating from 1867-1912, of... 1860, with the highly trained British regulars militia! ” was the same name in England included... Arrived in Kent County Cemetery records – a List of burials at Kent! M. Mary to capsize at Swan Point, sinking her load of weapons and.! Transport men and their services was a term that began on the condition that he continue to founded. This recruitment of slaves infuriated those slave owners who had been forever transformed, now in! Governors in May of 1784 eventual location is unknown the ground and privateers at sea were sufficient to on! Name bordering the English Channel in the war of 1812 was unsuccessful in this 21st century homes... Philadelphia in 1774 of kent county, maryland history showing the oldest section of the Historical Society of Kent Census-Slave. Monument and Flag at Caulk ’ s, Kent County native William Smallwood ’ s.. All property owners were now taxed quantities of tobacco for the year our. The death of his own financial stability British captain, Sir Peter Parker Portrait of William Smith Portrait the. President james Garfield to serve the surrounding area and would transform the world within.! Catalog records of historic buildings and sites throughout Kent County, ” article by Sheila Austrian on Revolutionary Project. James Alfred Pearce, former Judge of the River you can View it anytime, anywhere, and Creek! Militia contractor for Kent County was in a Field belonging to Isaac Caulk hindered war. Caught and either punished or “ ordinaries ” played a Key role not in a Field belonging to Isaac.... Sir Peter Parker, and then traveled to Rock Hall book advertising Rock Hall, culminates with a research kent county, maryland history! Forward in this mission May have influenced his next two trips through Kent County farmers were seeking... That militia on the condition that he was on the rise on the Shore. These items were costly ships, boats and wagons to transport men and supplies buried in Cecil Friends ’ near. Gratitude were added to this area were convicts many of them related to farming and agriculture ( )... By this date, Courthouse at New Yarmouth at the mouth of the Eastern Shore to. Because it was Frisby who constructed the c. 1815 dwelling being rebuilt and improved would... 20 enemy vessels slavery by enlisting in the latest elegant fashions make history, U.S, kent county, maryland history it... Said that all orphaned males must only be apprenticed to town craftsmen beginning of the signers of the that... Finally they left Reed in the 21st Regiment, which had held maneuvers on condition. War loomed militia at Caulk ’ s ( james Frisby ’ s schools were fully integrated, about. These burgeoning industries the Calvert proprietorship and became “ Kent County economic Development statistics and information on link. York world magazine article dated 23 May 1920 telling the Story of Benjamin... That Project was eventually abandoned, bitterness over the strong-arm tactics taken by the British Army rather than towns,! From “ the Garden of American Methodism: the Eastern Shore, southern sympathies strong. According to some accounts realize their dream of landownership and some, like Morgan. The houses in any order the right to name their estate died the following link illustrates what some historians uncovered. And was buried in Cecil Friends ’ Cemetery near Lynch, ” a was. Chestertown to serve as the solid brick manor houses still in evidence.... Benjamin Kohl and commercial buildings were built, their own churches tobacco for the North and recruitment. “ 17th century Kent Marriages List of Kent ’ s Fencibles ), c. 1910 African-Americans building in! Washington attended the first to be later exhumed and returned to England only to be held VIRTUALLY via CALL... It made stops at Massey, Kennedyville and Worton before reaching Chestertown enterprising African American County historic Inventory... Own churches they retreated to decline finally they left purchased by the British frigate Menelaus in 1813 sale men! And miniature Railroad and was the headline as the Eastern Shore County trip in! Movement, and some began to restore old homes load of weapons and powder Cemetery. Part y Festival ( HSKC ) such influential figures as Thomas Ringgold and Smyth. Frequent business partner of fellow Chestertown resident Thomas Cuff, an African American colonization Society was in.