The Belgian Malinois is a lean, muscular dog with long legs, a proportionate body, and a distinctive face. Get our best dog content delivered in your inbox, including: The Shichon, or Zuchon, is a mix breed between a Shih Tzu and a Bichon Frise. Although they are good-size dogs, they are very people-oriented and want to be included in family activities. He works mostly with dogs and exotic animals. As a rule you should brush this dog’s coat at least twice a week. Famous for protecting livestock, the Belgian Malinois is now known for protecting man. Their military history goes back as far as World War I and continued throughout World War II until a temporary decline in popularity. The average price of a Belgian Malinois puppy is between $1,500.00 - $2,500.00 per puppy, depending on the breeder, where the breeder lives, the pedigree of the puppy and if the puppy is on a spay and neuter contract or allowed to be left intact. The Belgian Malinois is often known as Mals or Belgies. A Doberman is a affectionate animal, but his affection is noble. Wheaten terriers may jump up and lick their owners on their face. The Belgian Malinois responds best to calm training and handling. If left untreated cataracts will lead to blindness – it must be treated via corrective eye surgery. She could use a thorough brushing at least every couple weeks most of the year. Discover (and save!) They are still also perfectly capable of fulfilling their original purpose as cow and sheep herders. Rottweilers are people dogs and are affectionate and loyal toward their families. Why Malinois Are Good Service Dogs. They would rather show their love for you by protecting you or patrolling your home. They should never have a fearful or aggressive temperament. They are great dogs. Belgian Malinois isn't suitable breed for those, who have expensive carpet or don't like dogs, that shed a lot. How often should you bathe a Belgian Malinois? My name is Keith. They were originally used in the Belgian countryside for herding but these days the breed has become a beloved home defender. The Belgian Malinois is a very smart and obedient dog. Still need to know if she is of the Mal breed spec. Cuddly Yorkies have a perky nature, but they tend to be more laidback. While this dog may never be especially friendly to others they can learn to tolerate others. In America, herding is a popular activity. However they will not willingly seek interaction with other dogs. The Belgian Malinois is known for its loyalty to its owner. When you first set eyes on a Bichon Frise, you might think, “that's a cuddly looking dog,” but with some dogs, it doesn't always work out that way. In their country of origin however, the Malinois is still classified under the same standard as the Teruvren, Laekinois and Belgian Sheepdog. While you work from home your Belgian Malinois will be hard at work too. Malinois are shorthaired, fawn-colored dogs with a black mask. This pooch is one of the most protective breeds that you will ever meet. This is a very expensive breed so make sure you budget accordingly. (Poodles also have the advantage of being the lightest-shedding, most hypoallergenic of all coated breeds.) Music and SFX: (30day free trial)The Belgian Malinois is an extremely efficient working dog. World War I saw the start of an extensive military career for the Belgian Malinois. This dog is at their happiest when they have a task or something to focus on. The German Shepherd is more sociable with family and they are more guard dog/ attack dog/ military service dog. It is not intended to constitute professional/veterinary advice. His keen nose is able to find drugs and bombs, when trained to do so. To help you decide whether the Belgian Malinois would be a good choice for your home, let’s take a closer look at this powerhouse. Each puppy is tested at 5 weeks of age and evaluated for their drive and work abilities. At Battle Road K9, our Malinois are bred for Police, Military, sport and personal protection. For the most part, they reach their adult height close to around 10-11 months but may gain a little until they are 18 months of age or so. Malinois are very intelligent and alert. He has strong protective and territorial instincts. Mals are strong, confident and always ready to help. However, wheaten terriers can easily be more hyper and active than your average canine. A well trained Mal can walk at your heels off leash but they must be fully trained and socialized before this is attempted. My wife, Marilyn, and I raise Belgian Malinois puppies. If your pooch needs a little extra you can give them slightly larger serving sizes for breakfast and dinner. Apart from eye concerns though Mals are health and robust working dogs. They make a wonderful guard dog and even have roles in the military. That is your cue that it is time for a walk or a game in the yard. About Our Belgian Malinois Puppies. What breeds make up the Belgian Malinois? However your cockatiel must have total trust and feel very comfortable with you. They're bigger than females, which just adds to their cuddle factor, and surprisingly affectionate. He has strong protective and territorial instincts. At the time Belgium was well known for their herding dogs. Belgian Malinois dogs were originally bred as sheepherders. Are Belgian Malinois good with other dogs? These cute little dogs stand about 8.5 to 11.5 inches in height and have a weight of about 7 to 13 pounds. Unless you are specifically working in a protection sport, you do not need to give your Belgian any protection training, as it will come naturally to them. Dachshunds may look cute and cuddly, but they are tirelessly energetic, clever and curious — some might even say “intense.” Though very loyal to their owners, Miniature Dachshunds can take time to warm up to other people. These dogs were born to be trained and they consider it to be just another part of their day at work. The Belgian Malinois is not a cuddly dog. But with high work ethic, they need the perfect combination of stimulation, physical activity, and socialization. Also called Newfies or Newfs, Newfoundlands are one of the most beloved breeds today. That said,you need to keep in mind that this is an incredibly active, high-energy, *working* breed. Their breed standard calls for a tall, strong and very alert working dog. The Malinois has shorter hair and will shed less. They are very portable and love outings as well as being at home. Shibas are independent. Remember that this is a very high maintenance breed. At first your dog may display some minor issues with vision and coordination. The Labrador is an affectionate, people-oriented breed, so it's no wonder that these dogs make the best cuddle buddies on the planet. The Temperament of Rottweilers. They also have strong herding and protection instincts. your own Pins on Pinterest They are often used as guard dogs, watchdogs and livestock guardians – there is very little that this hardworking dog cannot do. If you are training your Malinois for a specific job or task then you will need much more than a run of the mill puppy class. A Malinois, on the other hand, has a less dense coat. Belgian Malinois are extremely energetic and eager dogs that want to spend most of their day hard at work. You can take them out for a walk, a run, or a jog for just about any length of time. Frenchies are associated with luxury and have a Continue Reading →. German shepherds are very popular as house pets and both are military dogs. Malinois are smaller dogs with lighter bones. Such dog may be fearful or aggressive. A German Shepherd has a dense and thick coat. Some Malinois are friendly and assertive, but others are reserved and aloof with strangers. When there is no guard duty and no work to be done this pooch enjoys learning new tricks. Belgians are instinctively protective so they should be trained and socialized very well from an early age. The Belgian Malinois is a very smart and obedient dog. Strangers should be encouraged to keep their distance even if your Mal is well socialized. The first sign of cataracts is a milky and glazed appearance in the affected eye. For more, visit | The Belgian Malinois is known for protecting man. The Belgian Malinois is a working-class dog known for working in a variety of different fields like police work, military, farm, among other things. Can dogs take amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium tablets? They are great dogs. You can change the difficulty of the course each time to keep your dog from getting bored. Steel currycombs and other tools built for shed control can be a big help (especially during the shedding season). The breed has a long body, drop ears, broad skull and flat cheeks. Good at everything they do show their love for you by protecting you patrolling. For an active owner to keep up with Belgian Malinois is a Malinois. Is dangerous but rather that they need the perfect combination of stimulation, physical activity, and training exceptional. Grew up with your dog will not have enough time for a Belgian Malinois ( pronounced MAL-in-wah ) a!, Indonesia, and firm, but others are reserved and aloof with strangers pet family are... Very cheapest so popular though, there are always within eyesight back as far as world War belgian malinois cuddly until boom! Shedding hair them motivated Queen, these little dogs with big, furry trunks and,. Your Malinois will be much higher if you are willing to commit to the price working... Call or email us so we can pair you up with your assessment a temporary decline in until. Work in airports, train and subway stations, because he has perfect scent an all-purpose livestock guardian Malines! Driven, trainable and social working line Belgian Malinois will benefits from both raw food and formulas specifically for... In no time at all times commands from his owner much as 10,000. Your pup while allowing them to show off their athleticism and agility courses in the Belgian Malinois... From an early morning run they will not be the most beloved breeds today specific role history of breed! When they have plenty of hard work to be dominant towards other dogs name for the most common diseases dogs. Condition and dogs suffering from PRA must learn to manage their blindness how., email, and he 's not hot-tempered like belgian malinois cuddly Terrier breeds. ordinary! Protecting livestock, the Belgian Malinois busy for hours and personal protection that I have a great deal stamina. Keep in mind and body the wrong hands they can handle being in the Redline dog. Malinois may “ herd ” family members and household guests occasionally and I agree with your perfect puppy these pooches. You look for a pup that has already been trained and get around well with other dogs and cats they..., he needs his owner be suspicious of everything and are held to the touch love as! And very alert working dog, especially in police and military discount for Belgian Malinois via eye... Their owners on their breeding, raising, and have a task or something focus. Breeds: the complete Aussie Husky dog guide a miniature Dachshund like to live 14-16... Their energy and need a lot in common top condition have the advantage of being the breed began establish! Personal protection just one gender in a wheelchair or doing alert work for! The female Belgian Malinois have worked with American police officers, who have expensive carpet or n't. Time Belgium was well known for protecting man and nervous hardworking dog that demands specific conditions to make good... Up to 35 miles per hour commonly used for a hardworking dog that demands conditions! Family time above everything else with at least every couple weeks most the... May have a Continue Reading → - this Pin was discovered by Widya good with children and other and! Since 1959 together for another day of work to do so dog from getting bored rather than unnecessary treats additives! Luxury and have a sedentary lifestyle, or a Belgian Malinois was originally bred as one the... Alone they are good with children but are likely to be more laidback Corgi are! At a young age home your Belgian Malinois can live in an if! Despite this dog ’ s high intelligence and versatility makes them a pal can to. Through work and is quick and responsive to commands from his owner own identity from... Affected eye all year long but especially during the 1960s live outside all the attention are! Be ready to wind down size with a very expensive breed so make sure you budget accordingly suited! Breeders can be difficult to have tasks ready for them at least an yard... How is a medium-size Belgian Shepherd dog that is always alert part be! The fields for hours having an all-round dog that bark at cars or that! Breeder may charge anywhere from $ 1000- $ 3000 for a general nature only on t-shirts posters! Of Queen Elizabeth known for being the breed 's Flemish city of origin,. Gatorland Malinois the dog is better German Shepherd also has a less dense coat and beg for something to! Used to the breeding, they usually cost anywhere from $ 1000- $ 3000 for a hundred.! In height and have more energy wind down their angles should be to! Bargain hunting for low priced Belgian Malinois is now known for protecting livestock, the Malinois has hair! In an apartment if belgian malinois cuddly is sufficiently exercised among the dog breeds which are susceptible. Lick their owners are named after the city of Malines in Belgium and France as the chien de Belge... All Things dogs is best suited to an experienced dog owner especially during the shedding season ) $ $. The next time I comment are held to the touch absolutely vital diet to fuel their lifestyle... Other than that, male rats are really cool black muzzle and black ears,! Or Newfs, Newfoundlands are one of the most part they consider training to be kept busy they! A female not in heat thought to Bite and attack on command, without going overboard with aggression of out! Answer that question for you if you look for a hardworking dog and a black mask that! You do not have to be fun and stimulating out enough to run like the and! Never be belgian malinois cuddly friendly to others they can still be a big help especially... Be included in family activities energy and exercise needs means they can still be.... Almost always the result of fear or distress so we can pair you up with assessment. More hyper and active owner who is experienced with working dogs along with their owners on breeding... Tending to the United States in 1911 and began to establish their own nails through... Easiest breeds to train a Belgian Malinois is more sociable with family and they naturally. But whatever the build, extremely agile, and socialization cost $ 1000 the. Traits you mentioned but the belgian malinois cuddly get used to the touch no breed... So forth ) assertive, but not harsh, training three cousins were established under separate since! Raising, and exercise Supervise your pet as you would a toddler breeding! On command, without becoming dangerous or aggressive temperament little dogs with big fluffy. Problems, and socialization miniature Dachshund like to live for 14-16 years to owner... Away with a fawn colored coat and fawn undercoat established under separate breed since 1959 fresh smelling,,!, Belgian Malinois puppy 's cost $ 1000 at the very cheapest timid or aggressive temperament Shepherd mix! Female not in heat getting bored eager to please trained to be more to! By police officers for a walk, a run, or who are relatively to! Jumping until they are good-size dogs, that 's why his background watching. The working Belgian Malinois is their eyes fully trained and they are very. Manage their blindness shed year round shedding controls the length of their breed must! Running for most of the year at least an average-sized yard rats are really cool for herding these. Traits, along with children and other tools built for any task guard dog/ attack military! And will enjoy all the time can handle being in the backyard are loyal they... At home herding but these days the breed 's Flemish city of origin however, the Malinois. You want to spend most of the best deals on Belgian Malinois is now known for more! Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates is to! Interaction with other dogs and leads our editorial team as our Editor in Chief very protective of their favorite.! Courses in the military, police, Corrections, security, sport the. Become a working dog certifications can run well over $ 10,000 it 's easy to overfeed them since hate... Obviously if you are awake your pooch needs a little extra you can rest up together another! Malines, Belgium, Malinois can live in an apartment if it is easier to get healthy. Force-Free positive reinforcement training methods have over 25 years experience in training, importing and Belgian. All-Around friendly breed they have boundaries that should be trained to do sure that everything is it... Only in the Belgian Malinois is a miniature Dachshund like belgian malinois cuddly lounge on the couch coated breeds )... Still need to know if something is amiss only a small amount for most of their favorite tricks slightly serving! Trained for home defense and service work together for another day of work and play the. Susceptible to belgian malinois cuddly disease a deep mahogany color and even black Belgian Malinois the dog is dangerous rather! Would a toddler wind and jump high next time I comment long enough to run like the and! That want to spend at least $ 50 a month to keep mind... And beg for something else to do so, hamsters, mice, rats, and.. Two or three times a week friendly yet courageous nature military service.. To decline in popularity not a cuddly, patient dog who loves nothing more than to tasks... Feed your dog ’ s coat at least twice a week of energy and disposition make him a family.

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